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Ganglion Cyst Removal

A ganglion is a lump under the skin that contains fluid, with most forming near the joint on the wrist, ankle or foot.

Surgery is not absolutely necessary and in most cases the ganglion will often disappear after a year or two. If the ganglion is not causing you any trouble then we would suggest leaving it alone until it naturally vanishes.

Pain killers can be injected into the affected area but this will only last for a short period of time.

The only completely effective way of dealing with the pain in the meantime is to undergo minor surgery.

The procedure to remove the ganglion will take approximately half an hour and will be done either under local or general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will make a small incision near the ganglion and will seperate the ganglion from the tendons and nerves in the area to allow the ganglion to be removed much easier.

You will be allowed home the same day as the operation and will be advised to continue with regular exercise to allow the healing process to be completed quicker.

We advise that you discuss any questions with your consultant prior to any procedure.

This procedure will normally be covered by your medical insurance policy but patients are advised to check with their provider prior to any treatment.

If you are paying for your own treatment all costs will be discussed and explained prior to any treatment taking place. This will be confirmed in writing along with any surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees and hospital charges prior to admission.


The Sefton Suite
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