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Rhinoplasty or as it is more commonly known a 'nose job' has many variations.

Whilst talking to your consultant it is important that you discuss all of the reasons for wanting a nose job whether you are affected just cosmetically or also mentally with regard to self confidence and self esteem. 

Nose reshaping can take many forms including:

  • tip alteration

  • removal of bumps

  • amending the nostril shape

  • bridge repositioning

  • and reshaping of the nose itself


The operation will require a general anaesthetic and you will need to stay in the hospital for one night.

Various techniques can be used depending on the size and change to the nose required. For example if there is an unwanted hump on the nose then your surgeon will shave the bone down to create a straight section. Other methods may be that your surgeon will break and re-set the bone to create the correct effect.

There may be also techniques where your surgeon will need to support the nose with a cartilage graft, bone graft or artifical implant to the nose with. Extra cartilage will usually be taken from the ear or the rib. 

Our consultants at The Sefton Suite are expereinced in two techniques for rhinoplasty and they are:

  • Closed rhinoplasty. Your surgeon may recommend this technique if the nose is straight and there is a normal tip. They will only need to make cuts on the inside of the nose so there will not be any visible scars

  • Open rhinoplasty. Your surgeon may recommend this technique if the nose is very crooked. They will also need to make a small cut in the skin between the nostrils so the skin can be lifted away from the nose.  Your surgeon will be able to see the bones and cartilage, and be able to work on them in a more controlled way.


Stitches will be applied by your surgeon following the procedure with dissolvable stitches being used for the inside of the nasal package and stitches that will need to be removed on the outside of the nose. A splint may also be put in place to keep the nose in place for a period of about a week after the procedure. 

There will be a period of swelling and bruising around the nose after the operation but this is normal. Any pain can be treated with over the counter painkillers on the advice of your consultant.

You will be advised to ask a member of family or friend to collect you from the hospital due to the general anaesthetic required for the operation. 

Most patients will be able to return to work two weeks after the operation with strenuous exercise being avoided for a further two weeks. Regular exercise however is advised to return to fitness as soon as possible.  

We ask that you avoid blowing your nose too much during the first few days after the procedure to allow the nose to settle. 

If you have any on going questions your consultant will be more than happy to discuss your worries at any time. 

If you are paying for your own treatment all costs will be discussed and explained prior to any treatment taking place. This will be confirmed in writing along with any surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees and hospital charges prior to admission.




The Sefton Suite
Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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